Today in History : March 5th

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1872: Thirteen Spanish vessels attack Jolo, killing three men and one woman and losing two officers and 100 soldiers. Jolo is a volcanic island in the southwest Philippines. It is located in the Sulu Archipelago, between Mindanao and Borneo, and has a population of approximately 300,000 people. Jolo is also the name of the town on the island which serves as the capital of the province of Sulu, within the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.

1899: A band of Filipino fire on some crew members of the U.S.S. Bennington, giving the impression to washington that the Americans are getting nervous and restless under the harassment of the Filipinos.

1901: The American Circulating Library is established in Manila. As the Philippine-American War died down and peace gradually returned to the Philippines, Americans who had come to settle in the islands saw the need for a wholesome recreational outlet. Recognizing this need, Charles Greenleaf and several other American women organized the American Circulating Library (ACL), dedicated in memory of American soldiers who died in the Philippine-American War.

1952: Because the Philippine colony is generally prosperous, trade is flourishing, the religious orders are at peace, the cathedral is completed, a seminary for girls established, Pope Clement VIII sends a letter of congratulations to the bishop, clergy and people of the Philippines.

1986: Jose Maria Sison is released from his 8 years and three months detention in Fort Bonifacio. Also released are Bernabe Buscayno, Ruben Alegre, the identified head of the NPA Sparrow Unit, and Alex Buendo, the head of the armed citizen's partisans in Metro Manila.

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