Today in History : March 16th

On this date in...

1521: Ferdinand Magellan discovered the Philippines where he landed in Samar. Magellan was a Portuguese explorer and was born at Sabrosa, in northern Portugal, but later obtained Spanish nationality in order to serve king Charles I of Spain in search of a westward route to the "Spice Islands".

1705: The Sultan of Jolo, as a token of friendship, writes a letter to Governor-General Zalbálburu informing him that he has chosen to cede to the Spanish Crown his possessions on the island of Paragua, now as Palawan, including the neighboring isle of Lauag, Balabac.

1946:The remains of a number of prominent Filipinos, victims of Japanese Atrocities including Juan M. Elizalde, Enrico Pirovano, Rafael Roces, Jose Mañosa Ozamis, and Virgilio Lobregat, are found in a common grave at the Chinese cemetery.

1900: The Second Philippine Commission, aslo known as Taft Commission, was appointed by McKinley and headed by William Howard Taft, was granted legislative as well as limited executive powers

2001: Two owners of Ozone Disco, Ramon NG and Hermilo Ocampo get 4-year jail term and a fine of P20 million after they were declared guilty of “reckless imprudence” resulting to 160 deaths and 195 injuries after a fire erupted on the said disco house on 18 March 1996. The two are also ordered to pay P150, 000 in death indemnity and damages to the families of fatalities and P100, 000 to those who were injured.


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