Today in History : March 31st

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1884: Birth of Teodoro M. Kalaw. Teodoro was one of the most outstanding trilingual writers and historians of the Philippines. He was born on March 31, 1884 in the town of Lipa, Batangas. He was first and foremost a bibliophile and he specialized in the collection of original documents, which became the basis for much of his historical research. He was a true Renaissance man, at various times he was a journalist, publisher, government bureacrat and elected public official. Died on December 4, 1940.

1899: As Malolos is occupied by American troops under General Arthur MacArthur, Aguinaldo’s government is transferred to Tarlac. --En route from San Fernando, Pampanga, to Calumpit, General Antonio Luna writes his will: 1st –I leave whatever I own to my mother. 2nd –Should I be liked, enshroud me in a Filipino flag with the same clothes in which I died and bury me in the ground. 3rd –I confess that I would die gladly for my country and for our independence, without however seeking death."

Today in History : March 30th

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1591: An ordinance is issued in the city of Manila forbidding the wearing of silk and other fabrics from China, for the reason, that it is detrimental to the general welfare and the good government of the city.

1900: For the first time in the American occupation of the Philippines capital punishment is exercised: Morales and Gonzales are accused of banditry, tried, found guilty of murder and hanged.

Today in History : March 29th

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1698: Father Ignacio de Mercado is born in Parañaque, Rizal. was an Augustinian priest and plant scientist who composed a diary cataloguing more than 300 plants of the Philippines. The book went authoritative inwards the area of medicine that, for a time, it became the basis of a Philippine pharmacopeia project. 

1942: The Hukbalahap organization is officially constituted, with Luis M. Taruc as Supremo.

1945: U.S. forces drive the Japanese from Ililo and Negros.

1946: The Philippine trade bill is approved by the U.S. House of Representatives.

1960: Archbishop Rufino J. Santos is elevated to the Sacred College of Cardinals.

Today in History : March 28th

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1901: General Emilio Aguinaldo arrives in Manila on the Vicksburg from Palanan, Isabela, a prisoner of Colonel Frederick Funston.

1907: Governor James F. Smith certifies that since the publication of the Philippine Census in 1905 there have been no serious disturbances of the public order save those committed by outlaws and religious fanatics and that the great mass of the Filipinos have been “law-abiding, peaceful and loyal to the United States.” The President of the United States is then formally requested to authorize the Philippine Commission to call a general election to choose delegates to the Philippine Assembly.

1946: Manuel A. Roxas is reported to have declared in Cebu that there is danger of revolution after independence if the people’s faith in the government is undermined.

Today in History : March 27th

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1945: Cebu City is taken by the American forces. Cebu City is the capital city of Cebu and the second city in the Philippines, the second most significant metropolitan centre in the Philippines and known as the oldest city in the country.

1903: In answer to General Luciano San Miguel’s request for advice, Mabini, newly-returned from exile in Guam, asks him to cease his revolutionary activities in the interest of peace and order.

1900: General Jose Ignacio Paua surrenders to the American Forces. Jose Ignacio Paua was a Chinese ironsmith who was appointed a general by President Emilio Aguinaldo in 1896. He was the only foreigner who signedthe Biak-na-Bato constitution. He was introduced to Emilio Aguinaldo and Artemio Ricarte by his best friend General Pantaleon Garcia.

Today in History : March 26th

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1580: A royal decree provides for appointments to fill vacant benefices in the Cathedral at Manila.

1898: From Madrid, the Minister of War sends a cable to Governor General Fernando Primo de Rivera in Manila, thus: “The attitude and the threatening note of the United States make us believe that war is inevitable.”

1920: The Philippine Legislature passes Act No. 2928 adopting the Philippine flag as the official flag of the Government of the Philippine Islands to be flown next to the American flag.

Today in History : March 25th

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1986: President Aquino organizes a revolutionary government and issues the Freedom Constitution to replace the one tailored in 1973 for Marcos. The Freedom Constitution is to remain in effect until a new constitution can be written and ratified.

1901: General Aguinaldo says farewell to his men, through his nephew, Tomas Magsarili, “This afternoon we will board the American cruiser Vicksburg, which will cast anchor here at Sabang. Villa is wounded; Santos and I are not … What happened to me, though somewhat bad, will be transformed into something that will redound to the welfare of the Motherland…”

1990: The International Airport at Laoag, Ilocos Norte, reopens. It had been closed after the EDSA revolution to bar Marcos' return.


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