Today in History : February 13th

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1565: López de Legazpi's troops arrived in the Philippines and landed in the shores of Cebu. After a brief struggle with hostile natives, they left the island in search of food, water, supplies and other resources.

1897: Patriotic Filipino journalist Isabelo de los Reyes, known for his stirring and pungent articles critical of the Spanish colonial friars, is jailed at the Bilibid Prison for supposed complicity in the Philippine Revolution that broke out in 1896; while in prison, he will write his Sensecional Memoria addressed to the Governor and wherein he points out that the friars are the ones responsible for sowing the seeds of discontent and revolution in the Philippines.

1917: Bagong Buhay Lodge was formally constituted and started to be referred as Lodge No. 17 under the unified Grand Lodge of the Philippine Islands (fusion of the Filipino-dominated Grand Regional Lodge of the Philippines, and the American-dominated Grand Lodge of the Philippine Islands, and other small jurisdictions) and became under the direct jurisdiction of American Masons with Bro. Emilio Basa as the Worshipful Master, Bro. Emilio Espinosa, and Bro. Ceferino Lorenzana as the Senior and Junior Warden, respectively.

1953: Enrico de Jesus Puno, better known as Rico J. Puno, was born. Rico Puno is a popular Filipino pop singing artist who is credited as a pioneer-promoter of original Filipino music. He started the trend of incorporating Tagalog lyrics in his rendition of the American song The Way We Were and other foreign songs. Also known as Rico J. and as The Total Entertainer, Puno is a singer who regularly infused his on-stage performance with comedy and jokes.

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